From Mystory to MEmorial toward a Global American Wisdom

Ulmer’s career is the invention of experimental pedagogy whose goal is to learn how to produce novel forms of electronic/digital media [‘picto-ideo-phongraphic writing’] that address public policy issues.  The name of the emergent consulting group that practices and develops this kind of writing is the EmerAgency.  The EmerAgency works by a method called Choragraphy, which is a logic of invention that uses homophonics and visual puns to actualize the transdiscursive ways of knowing native to electronic/digital media.  The EmerAgency is made up of egents [in the Electrate apparatus, the egent replaces the agent], and an egent learns how to consult for the EmerAgency by creating a mystory [discovering a Wide Logo] and making MEmorials [electronic monuments to public disasters].  The large scale goal of the EmerAgency is to assemble a divinatory system called the Cha-Ching: Web of Changes.  The Cha-Ching is the electrate choralary to the ancient chinese I Ching: Book of Changes, and as it emerges through the collective articulation of egents, it becomes increasingly usable as a public resource for consultation on burning questions, both personal and collective.


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